Laser for the dental sector


In its use for welding, laser saves time and offers a quality of processing that is not reachable by other instruments.
This is undoubtedly also valid for welding in the dental field by dentist’s workshops.

The laser in the dentist’s workshops is becoming an irreplaceable tool.
In the dental sector, laser arrived with the need to weld titanium, a metal that does not release oxides and is used for many prostheses, as well as to make heart valves.
In the titanium welding it was found the failure of several previously used systems, such as TIG and braze welding by lamp.
The results of the laser, compared, were so striking as to induce owners of this new technology to its immediate use also with other metals.

Today, in the prosthetic field, the laser welding technique is supplanting the previous braze welding, not only for reasons of joint strength or operational practicality, but also and above all because the patients' attention to the problem of biocompatibility has grown enormously. that is, materials that are inserted into their oral cavity.

The laser is a great support for dental laboratories, even in the realization of skeletons.
The dental skeleton is a removable prosthesis used to replace missing teeth when it is not possible to use a fixed prosthesis.
After a period of less use in the dental field, the skeleton is returning to be widely used both for its relative cost and, in fact, for the possibilities offered by new technologies.
Starting from a traditional plaster impression it is possible to create a skeleton, devoting an unprecedented attention to details that facilitates the adaptation to the prosthesis by the patient.

In addition to the wide spectrum of applications, laser welding proves to be simpler and qualitatively superior in any laboratory situation.
Setting welding parameters on our laser machines, for example, allows everyone to operate safely after proper training.
Through the computerized system it is possible to enter the data necessary for processing: the more precise the setting is based on the quality of the material and the type of connection, the better the final result will be.
Thanks to the use of our Nd: YAG lasers with a wavelength of 1064 nm, laser welding of unparalleled quality and precision is possible: why not try?

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