From the origins of laser welders to Hong Kong


A well-known player in the Italian laser technology market, ElettroLaser is confronted with its history as a company, which has succeeded in making innovation by meeting more and more the needs of its audience.
Twelve years ago, in 2006, this promising reality came to life, thanks to the intuition of three young entrepreneurs.
The beginning has seen the company focus on laser welders, especially for the dental and jewelry sectors, in search of the best applicable solutions.

The continuous growth in these years of activity, with over 4,000 laser machines sold, has confirmed ElettroLaser machines among the best in the world for working on precious metals in the jewelry industry, and beyond.
Industry and the dental sector use our laser machines with equal satisfaction, improving their production capacity and facing every day challenges with this great advantage.

To follow the innovation in the market, the road is one: innovation passes from the knowledge of precious metal processing, laser applications in the dental field and the facilities that laser machines can offer in the industry.
Thanks to collaborations with these main sectors ElettroLaser has managed to offer the best in the years, paying attention to the economic feasibility of its solutions.

When it comes to laser machines, maintenance is often an important item: ElettroLaser produces some of the best lasers in the world and is able to offer the best solutions for every type of customer, based on the use of the equipment.

Now that our laser machines are present all over the world we feel we have the right motivation to create again, with a look towards innovation and the usual attention to high quality that, for Italians like us, can only be in first place.

We look forward to seeing you at the September Hong Kong Jewelery & Gem Fair, from September 14th to 18th.
Come and discover our laser machines!


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