DaDo stripe

DaDo is the result of 3 years of work; the condensed result of decades of experience in the laser welding field.
The result of this hard work has been to offer the market what everyone has always wanted: "an economic laser".

DaDo line

It is a unique product, both for what concerns the design and for what concerns the industrialization of the product. DaDo leads him to stand out from any draft will never be produced in the coming years.

DaDo is the welding machine that costs like an arc spot welder but with all the benefits and advantages that the laser gives compare to an arc welding machine. The huge investment and industrialization of this product has led us to give the end customer a welder at an INCREDIBLE price of 3,300.00 Euro!


So small so powerful, the ever existed welder


DaDo is the ever-existed welding machine: small, with a unique design, modern, clean, intuitive.


DaDo is also a laser READY TO GO, the best in terms of technological quality and price and that therefore no competitor can ever copy.



DaDo is small, light, can be easily placed anywhere: from the small workshop directly on the workbench of the goldsmith or dental technician, to the back shop of any jewelry and why not, even in hobby shops!


DaDo features

The innovative App, is something truly revolutionary!
It allows you to have an USER-FRIENDLY interface at your fingertips. At the same time it allows DaDo the total independence, as the machine can carry out its work independently without the presence of the mobile phone or tablet on which it is installed.

With or without a smartphone, DaDo as mentioned, carries out its excellent function as a welding machine.
In fact, we can define DaDo as a talking welder: thanks to its voice synthesis card, it provides the operator with all the information he needs, including any error status he is in.
The variable color of the LEDs in the welding chamber is also another indicator of the laser status, the same LEDs change the color relating to the laser working status: standby, in low or high power operation mode.



DaDo will be shipped with full accessories included: the package will include the microfiber cloth, the laser welding alloy, the brush pen, the tweezers, the 2.5 mm and 3 mm allen key, the smartphone support, the distilled and deionized water and the entry for the use of Argon gas (essential when welding materials such as titanium and aluminum).